The Wild West of France: Part 2!

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The wild West of France – Part 2.

Audierne - Brittany

Audierne – Brittany

It had been sometime since I visited Audierne, but it looked just as delightful as ever with the sun sparking on the harbour and the fishing boats bobbing at the quayside. Just a few local boats these days, a long way from what it was like in the past when the port was a stop off on the way to the UK with port wine from Portugal. Given that most of my visits have been whilst sourcing new villas, it was great to walk along the quayside and out to the point. On the way there are now a series of info boards that trace the history of the port, including why there is a footbridge across the entrance to the local sandy beach. It looks really odd, but it was actually an extension to the quayside, when over 150 boats could be tied up at any one time.

Godfrey and I stopped off at Chez Perlise, one of our apartments, to say hello to Mr Trividec, unfortunately Mme was not there having recently been in hospital. They really are a delightful couple. The flats are on the first floor of what was originally their night club. Several years ago a client who was staying in the property, was astounded to find out that they were in the same building as the nightclub where their daughter had had a night out with her French boyfriend! (

Chez Perlise

Chez Perlise


From the Ste Evette beach onwards the coastal path gets more rugged, passing small bays until you get to Anse du Loc, where we also have a property (

Anse du Loc

Anse du Loc

It was really great to arrive from along the coastal footpath rather than by car, as you get a much better appreciation of the setting. A brief stop for some lunch and then onwards where the past gets rather more challenging.

Incredibly as you pass Plogoff, one of the tiny ports along this coastline, there is an information board recording that here in the 1980’s the French government proposed to locate here a nuclear power station! Not surprisingly there was a local uprising and the plan was dropped. I can’t imagine what the area would have been like if the plan had gone ahead.

Arriving at Point du Raz, even at this time of year there were the usual crowds, but the car parks and the visitor centre have now been hidden almost below ground, so the rugged beauty can still be appreciated. The views are spectacular and the vista across Trespass Bay to the Point du Van is wonderful. Luckily the weather was fine and we got some great new photos, but in bad weather you can understand why this point is called the Wild West!

Wild flowers at Pts du Raz

Wild flowers at Pte du Raz

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  1. Love the photo of the flowers – what a gorgeous area…

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