The Caribbean in Brittany

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The Glenan Islands

Glenan Islands cap

For as long as I can remember I have intended to visit the Glenan Islands a 30 minute boat trip from Benodet, but at every turn I seem to have been thwarted. Success! This year I finally found a spot in our always busy schedule to experience what is locally described as just like a Caribbean Island.

The trip started on a sunny afternoon from the harbour side in Benodet, chugging our way gently out of the Odet river estuary, which gave us some unique views, hitting the open sea the boat started to rock and roll, sending some passengers downstairs to the comfort of the cabin.

Benodet from the sea, the Glenan trip

Benodet from the sea, the Glenan trip

You can see why the islands are called ‘Caribbean’ locally, the sand is a dazzling white, which is created , according to the guide , by a small creature that is red whilst alive but white when it dies. We landed at the main island for an hour or so, it takes at least 15 minutes to walk the coastal path! So a stop in the only café seemed the best thing to do!

The Café - Glenan Islands

The Café – Glenan Islands



Off again for the second part of our trip around the other islets, with the guide giving us a potted history. Amazingly, in 1756 when British pirates threatened the local coastline a fort was built on Cigogne Island.

Cigogne Island - Glenan Islands

Cigogne Island – Glenan Islands


Elsewhere there are remains of various failed enterprises, but today the islands are a protected nature reserve, with only a local sailing and diving school allowed to stay overnight.

Dazzling white sand - The Glenan Islands

Dazzling white sand – The Glenan Islands

Not much more to write about, it’s the photos that tell the story. However, we spent a very enjoyable afternoon and can recommend the trip to see what are undoubtable some of the prettiest beaches in south Brittany.

Sea and Sky - Glenan Islands

Sea and Sky – Glenan Islands


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